How To Make A Mosquito Costume

(Just in case you wanted to know.)

Sometimes kids make the craziest cutest things at school.

For this particular costume, my son's Year 4 class brief was to produce a mosquito creation using irrigation pipes that would be used in a class assembly skit about their school camp.

This kid of mine tied string around both ends of the pipe which his wrists slipped into - and voila - mosquito wings. Then, a simple twisting and taping of the second piece of pipe and you have a proboscis. Just like that. Damn clever. Unfortunately I haven't perfected taking a good photograph in the auditorium at school so I didn't manage to get a photo of the creations in action, but suffice to say that they made a huge impact up on the stage that day.

Just when you thought your kid was elbow deep in reading, writing and math during their long days at school - behold - they're also fashioning awesome insects out of old garden pipes. And having a great time doing it! 

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