On Being A Mother

These last 14 (nearly 15) years of being a mother have been some of the most amazing, scary, exhilarating, frustrating, tiring and special years of my life. I've got to say that I'm so very grateful to be on this journey of growth and I can't believe my luck at having been blessed with these three awesome children of mine. 

Looking back, there have been so many lessons learnt over the years, some life changing and others quite arbitrary. I thought, in light of Mother's Day, I'd write down a few that I've learnt along the way:

1. Children magically grow right before your eyes - one day you look at them and they've changed, matured and outgrown their pants.

2. There are times when we all need an ice-cream. It's a proven mood changer in our family.

3. It's okay to make mistakes. Nobody is perfect.

4. Nobody likes homework. Especially me.

5. Even if you have a no-weapon policy when it comes to boys' toys, you son will eventually fashion a gun or sword out of a stick. It happens. 

6. At some stage your daughter will cut her own hair. Tip: When it's suddenly very quiet in your house, go and check what's going on. If you're lucky enough to have a kid with good hair cutting skills go ahead and pat yourself on the back, if not, take lots of photos because those photos will be great fun to look back on in years to come.

7. A kid's idea of cleaning up is not the same as your idea of cleaning up. Either teach them how to do it properly or just do it yourself. Either way, quit moaning.

8. Having a mother and child 'date' with each of my children is something I wish I'd started doing much sooner than I did. They love the individual attention and you get to find out what's really going on in their lives and minds. 

9. My kids don't like picking up dog poop. Even for money.

10. Don't think that you'll always be the cool parent who loves all the new music. Because you won't. There will be times that you find yourself saying "What is this stuff? Please make it stop!"

11. Same goes for fashion.

12. Ensure that your children feel heard. Many misunderstandings and tantrums stem from their frustration at not feeling like they're being listened to.

13. Your kids are not an extension of you. They are unique. And that's not a bad thing.

14. Nobody ever knows who left the milk out. 

15. My heart explodes with happiness when I watch my kid playing their sports well and with enjoyment.

16. The chances of your child being an Olympian anything are mostly small. Make sure they're participating and having fun.

17. A glass of wine in the evening is sometimes necessary.

18. Mothers often judge other mothers when there should be more lifting up and encouraging.

19. Always carry snacks in your handbag.

20. Barney was mostly annoying but he did say at least one good thing - Sharing is Caring.

21. Saying no is fine. But make sure that you also say yes.

22. There are times when I marvel at my kids' wisdom - and times when I marvel at their lack of it.

23. Go to the beach. Playing in the sand and swimming in the ocean are good for the soul.

24. Having family movie nights - out or at home - is a fun idea. Family only. 

25. Do what feels right for your family. 

What have you learnt over the years of parenting? I would love to hear your comments.

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