Our Holiday In Thailand: Part 1

Autumn is officially here and the temperatures have already dropped enough to warrant using our electric blankets and cranking up the heat pumps as soon as the sun goes down in the evenings.

And so, as one does, I've been thinking back to our summer and looking at our Summer of 2013 photos - when I realized that I hadn't documented our trip to Thailand in December of last year.

Yes, we went to Thailand - and it seems like a distant memory now - but it happened! And it was good! So I thought I'd revisit that trip and share a few photos with you...


It took us almost two days to get to our hotel on Ko Lanta in the end! (We flew via Sydney and Bangkok, where we overnighted before taking another flight, to Krabi, where we then taxied on to Ko Lanta via two car ferries!!!) Sorry about the multiple exclamation points there, but oh.my.god. that was a long trip! It felt like we'd never get there! But it was worth it in the end because we met up with Grant's brother and his family, and had a really fantastic family holiday in the sun.

^ I took this photo en route to our hotel on Ko Lanta.
This was just before we got onto the first car ferry and I was dreaming about what kind of cocktail I was going to have when we eventually got to our resort! ^

^ The kids are looking pretty tired, but still very excited about getting to see their cousins. ^

^ We celebrated Sarah's 12th birthday in Thailand. Chocolate cake and all. ^

Gosh, those first few days were amazing. It was so lovely to get to see our Cape Town family and catch up with each other's lives again. The cousins seemed to spend every waking moment together - making up for lost time. It was very sweet to see. 

^ Games on the beach one day. ^

We stayed at the Royal Lanta Resort and Spa on Ko Lanta, which is situated on the South West side of Thailand, close to Phuket and Phi Phi. The beach in front of our hotel was a long one - ideal for walks, and eating it would seem, as there were many different restaurants along that stretch of sand. We ended up only having breakfast at the hotel every day and then tried most of those restaurants along the beach during the rest of our stay there. Every afternoon and evening we'd pull ourselves off those pool loungers and amble along the sand making the tough decision of which eatery we'd like to try next. Oh, I love those lazy holidays! 

All this week, I will be posting more about our holiday in Thailand - sharing our memories and some more of my photos of our time there.

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