Our holiday in Thailand: Part 2

There were days when we left the resort and hopped into an open taxi to go out exploring the surrounding areas. On one of those days we went to the nearby town of Lanta where we wandered around their morning market in the old village before having lunch at one of the restaurants along the water.

^ Walking around the old village of Lanta. ^

^ An old rundown house in the village - so ugly it almost looks artistically beautiful. ^

^ I just love the way the rice was presented at the market. ^ 

^ We bought a bag of these litchis, but I have to admit that they weren't very tasty. ^ 

^ I love the colour of these chillies. ^

^ We had lunch at this gorgeous little restaurant just down the road from the market. ^

^ Family lunch. Shoo, it was hot and humid. Turns out this was the calm before the storm! ^

So, we sat down for lunch at this lovely little restaurant, ordered our meals from the extremely friendly owner of the place and took in the beautiful view from the outside table area - life was good. Then, very suddenly the weather changed. And I mean, changed! For the worse. Suddenly. Storm clouds that were out on the horizon one minute, surrounded us in the next few minutes and then the rain started coming down. In buckets!

I must admit that it was one of those hysterical situations of disbelief and nervous laughter because we laughed like drains, but I reckon a little bit of that laughter was definitely owing to nervousness because this particular town had been badly effected by the big tsunami of 2004 and there were many tsunami evacuation signs all over town making awareness top-of-mind. I'm not sure that we should have been nervous about that because of the weather, but I guess just the thought of a natural disaster made us fear the crazy weather, so we quickly paid our bill and went in search of our taxi to make our way to higher ground! Crazy tourists!

Notice how warm and sunny the weather was when I took these photos - unfortunately I didn't get any photos of us running in the rain, huddling under bags (because who brings a raincoat or umbrella out on a sunny day?) and properly drenched from the downpour. ** Actually come to think of it, it was probably fortunate that I didn't get any pictures of that. **

Anyway, I loved that we got to see that Old Village and have a crazy afternoon running in the rain - those experiences make the sweetest memories.

^ Saw this amazing flower in that little town that day - not sure what it is because I've never seen anything like it before, but it definitely is beautiful. ^

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