Our Holiday in Thailand: Part 3

Family holidays are a real treat and a wonderful time to reconnect with your husband and kids. It's a time when you can enjoy doing activities without input from peers, friends or colleagues; without school, the office or the washing machine; and all those other day-to-day influences. 

^ Excuse the quality of this iPhone shot - night time shots don't seem to come out very clearly for me. ^

It's during this downtime that you'll all be reminded of your family's values, your outlook on life and your annual family goals. Of course, travelling with a teenage has it's moments (unfortunately that part of life doesn't magically disappear in a different environment and wifi remains important), but it's vital to make that connection with each other, to have some laughs, share meals, enjoy being in a place that holds lightness at it's core - vacation time.

As I look back at these photos I realize that happy memories were made and it makes me feel grateful that we got the time to reconnect and spend such precious time with each other.


  1. What a lovely post and a lovely holiday! Beautiful and very special photos... Carol

    1. Thanks, Carol. :) We really did have a wonderful time over there - crazy to be revisiting these photos with the rain falling outside! Hope you're well. :)


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