Our Holiday in Thailand: Part 4

Another day trip we took was with a company called Opal Speed Boat. We did their 4 island trip which included snorkelling and lunch. I found this boat company very professional and organized. They anticipated the crowds and made sure that we made good time at all the spots we stopped at, planning the trip so that we visited the very busy tourist spots early so as not to be inconvenienced by huge numbers of people. I appreciated this because some of the places we visited got very busy. This is not to say that the places we visited weren't busy because they were, but we tended to be leaving places as more and more boats were only just arriving. (Of course this could be owing to the distances they were travelling to get to those islands, and their varying itineraries.) 

Our first stop on the 4 island tour was Koh Chuek where we snorkelled for about 40 minutes before heading off to the highlight of the trip for me - swimming into the Emerald Cave. Wow! What an experience. We swam into the mouth of a cave and continued swimming in complete darkness (you couldn't see your hand in front of your face) for approximately 50 metres. All you could hear was your fellow tourist group's banter and splashing in the dark. We came out into an opening which was basically a beach surrounded by high rock walls, trees and vegetation. It was spectacular! Unfortunately I don't have any photos from inside. Can you believe it? 

After that we headed off to Koh Kradan where we had lunch, then did another snorkelling session at Koh Mah before heading back to our hotel.

^ My little mermaid on the beach at Koh Kradan. ^

^ And my own little Tarzan too. ^

It was a lovely trip and good to do some snorkelling again, although we saw a lot more fish and beautiful coral in Fiji, I must say. 

These boat day trips are great because you not only get to see the surrounding islands, beautiful beaches and caves, but we also got to see other Ko Lanta beaches when we picked up our fellow day trippers from their hotels along the coast.

^ Our hotel. ^

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