Our Holiday in Thailand: Part 5

And then, because we'd enjoyed our previous day trip with Opal, we decided to do another one with them. This time around we did the Koh Phi Phi tour - we got to visit Maya Beach, do some snorkelling at Monkey Point and then had lunch on Bamboo island before stopping off on Phi Phi to walk around that island.

^ Maya Beach. These were the crowds when we first arrived - you should have seen them as we were leaving! ^

^ Miss Sarah at Maya Bay. ^

^ By the time we left, there were so many boats lined up along that beach and it looked nothing like it did when Leonardo di Caprio filmed The Beach there. ^

^ Exiting Maya Bay, we turned right and came across this 'house' built on the rocks around the corner. Not sure who lives here... ^

^ I was exceeding pleased not to have been on that boat! Look at all of those people! ^

^ Another little bay we pulled in to before going to Bamboo Island for lunch. ^

^ A longboat. ^

I'll do a post about Koh Phi Phi Don tomorrow. I seem to have lots of photos of that place and this post is getting a bit lengthy now.

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