Our Holiday in Thailand: Part 6

Koh Phi Phi is very beautiful, very touristy and just a little bit seedy. We didn't get to spend enough time on this island in my opinion - I would have liked to have spent a few more hours exploring the other beaches there and having a relaxing meander through the town, but sadly, by that stage we were coming to the end of the tour and had to head back to the resort.

^ Beautiful longboats along the beach. ^

^ The power boat we travelled in that day. ^

^ I love these signs. ^

^ Not sure why I took a photo of this motor bike, really. ^

I'm really pleased we got to go to Phi Phi despite the fact that it was a bit rushed in the end. I guess if we ever go back to Thailand, we can catch the other side of the island and maybe spend a more relaxing day there.

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