Our Holiday in Thailand: Part 7

Okay, here is the last instalment of the Thailand 2012 series! Shoo, this series has been longer than I thought it'd be! Hope you've enjoyed seeing my photos and hearing about our adventures over there.

^ I saw some of the most unusual flowers over in Thailand. Just beautiful. These gorgeous ones were growing at our hotel. ^

^ During our down time, the boys played many games of cards. ^

^ The view from a restaurant down the beach from our hotel, where we celebrated Sarah's birthday. ^

^ The birthday girl. ^

^ A pathway to the beach, at our hotel. ^

^ Cousins. ^

^ Elephant time. If you take a close look at Luke's legs you'll see the tattoo sleeves he bought at a market - he absolutely loved those things! ^

^ These are truly beautiful creatures. ^

^ Out for lunch one day. Maybe we'd taken one too many photos? You think? ^

^ The kids were brave enough to do this! Crazy! ^

^ Well, they were brave most of the time! They had so many giggles at this place.^

^ Gymnastics on the beach at sunset. ^

And that's all - can't believe it's been 5 months since we were over in Thailand. This year has gone so quickly. Is it just me?

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