Stuff We've Been Doing

We've been very lucky to have had an incredibly busy time around here lately. It was truly fantastic to spend time reconnecting with Grant's parents during their recent stay here with us. We really miss them now that they're back in Cape Town.

One of the things we did while they were here was spend a week over on Waiheke island; and despite the wet and wild weather, we managed to fit in lots of soul-enriching walks, a drive around the island and a good few delicious meals. I even got to do some reading.

^^ Grant's father, Andre. ^^

^^ On our drive around the island. Sarah having a word with the sheep in the field below her. I just love that girl. ^^

^^ One of the many lovely bays we found on our drive around the island. ^^

^^ Luke at one of the wine farms we visited. ^^

^^ The gorgeous view from a restaurant in Oneroa where we had breakfast one morning. ^^

^^ These two. I love them. ^^

^^ Another lovely beach we came across - Man O' War Bay. ^^

If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that we often visit Waiheke (Grant and I were over there today to celebrate a friend's 50th birthday) owing to it's proximity to Auckland and it's many fabulous wine farms and restaurants, but during that last stay on the island we got to see a lot more of the further reaches of the place because we'd taken our car over with us. I loved having the freedom to go wherever we wanted and stop for coffee or a wine tasting whenever we felt like it.

Man, I really love that place. 


  1. The best place on earth. I totally fell in love with it. Your photos brought back so many wonderful memories of new zealand.

    1. ♡ It truly is a gorgeous place. Thanks for your comment, Caron. x


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