Wellington, Water Polo and Watching Movies

A couple of weekends ago, Sarah and I flew down to Wellington to watch Jessica play water polo in the 'A Division' Nationals championship, for their school's first ever Premier Girls' Team. And wow, did that school team do well. After qualifying for A Division, they ended up 8th overall - a great result for an inaugural year at Nationals. Some of those games were nail-bitingly close, but what a fun experience - I'm so glad that we went down to watch.

In between games, Sarah and I squeezed in a visit to the Te Papa museum, took a trip up the cable car to take in the gorgeous views of the city from the Botanical Gardens;  and enjoyed a walk along that pretty water front. There are so many parts of Wellington that remind me of Cape Town that I found myself constantly thinking of my old hometown on that trip.

But despite the excitement of Nationals and the whirlwind tour of the capital city, the one highlight of our time in Wellington that really stands out for me, was ordering room service with Sarah one evening in our hotel, and eating our meals in bed while watching movies. Loved that I got to spend some precious one-on-one time with that special girl. Love her madly.

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