A Call From Cape Town

Last night one of my bestest friends in the whole world called me and we talked for like 45 minutes... and it was good. We don't talk nearly enough. And I'm going to blame the time zone difference for that. That, and our crazy busy lives. How very dare you!

But it was just so (insert best descriptor here). (Amazing. Wonderful. Soul-feeding) to be catching up with her again.  >>There's nothing like one of those friends. The ones who truly get you and don't judge. The ones who love to laugh. The ones who try to out-do your horror story with one of their own. The ones that are truly happy for your successes and who feel your pain when you're down. The ones who you can be totally honest with and they've got your back. I love that girl.

I miss her so very much.

^ I lifted this photo from her Facebook profile! Thank you to the photographer. ^

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