Birthday Long Weekend

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the powers that be (and Elizabeth) for making this past weekend the Queen's birthday weekend here in New Zealand. You see, it wasn't actually the Queen's birthday (she was born on April 21st), but it was mine

So I was lucky enough to get to celebrate my birthday over a long weekend and that suited me just fine because let's face it - when you turn 44 you almost need some cheering up and probs more opportunities to enjoy a glass of wine. Amirite?

So we kicked off the festivities with dinner club on Friday night (yes, dinner club is still happening) and went out to a lovely new restaurant on the North Shore called Salt. The overall experience was superb - good food, good wine and a very cosy atmosphere. This little restaurant is a really welcome addition to the Shore - and we could still do with even more of it's calibre around here. If you live in the vicinity (or even if you don't), I would definitely recommend this restaurant - but be sure to book as there can be a two week wait for a table on the weekend.

Then it was birthday time...

^ We made this Vine video on Saturday - believe it or not there wasn't any wine involved. PS Yes, I've been known to act like a crazy fool on occasion.^

We went for dinner at a restaurant called Mexico on Saturday night where we ordered bowls and platters of delicious food and sipped on Mexican beers and sparkling sangria. The place was very busy that night and it made for a very festive time.

^ Our friend, Andrew, and his son, came over from Sydney for the weekend, to celebrate with us. ^

^ And I love that I now get to celebrate special occasions with my sister, Colleen, and her husband, Sam. ^

Then on Sunday we went for dinner at our lovely friends in Whitford. 

^ En route, over the bridge. ^

^ Meeting Fred at the Browns' place. ^

^ He looks so innocent, doesn't he? But I've got to tell you that after giving Fred much attention, we had to hotfoot it out of there because he took quite a liking to young Sarah - and it all got out of hand. Down, Fred! ^

And then of course Monday was the added bonus - I got to lie in, read my book and later that afternoon I watched The Hunger Games with Luke. All up it was a very happy weekend and a very happy birthday.


  1. Many happy returns!! Sounds as if it was a good day. All the best. Carol


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