Birthday Season

So Luke turned 9 this weekend. 9! 

It feels like yesterday he looked like this:

And now he looks like this:

How did that happen? 

We celebrated his birthday with a family lunch. ^

He ordered his favourite meal - prawns - and despite the rain, Grant cooked those beauties out on our barbecue. ^

The birthday boy spent most of the day building Lego sets - his favourite activity and still most requested gift.

^ Ninjago - The Temple from The Final Battle set. You saw it here. ;) ^

^ And then this clever thing has hinges and closes up like this. ^

Okay, and that's the end of the Lego photos because this post is suddenly looking scarily like one of those internet sites curated by Lego fanatics. Mmmm. Moving on.

^ But before you go, take a look at this cutie. ^

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