Happy Father's Day

For some reason the world does not celebrate Father's Day on the same day. I mean really, who made this decision? And why haven't they been stopped?! You'd think that in this day and age when so much has been devised to make life easier at every turn, they could make this (and Mother's Day for that matter) celebration simultaneously universal. Shoo, okay, this seems to have become a full-blown rant! Moving on. ;)

Anyway, it wasn't Father's Day here in New Zealand this last weekend when the rest of the world was honouring the fathers in their lives. But I would still like to say a very happy Father's Day to my dad, stepdad and father-in-law. 

Thanks for always being there for me. I love you all so much!

^ I miss you so very, very much!  When are you coming to visit? ^


  1. I agree with standardising the date! Mother's Day was a nightmare when we lived in the UK - it was in May for SA (where MIL lives), in February in Norway (where my mom lives) and March in England (where I was).


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