How Crazy Is This?

^ No, not this plant. This is an unrelated picture, but something I wanted to show you anyway. ;) ^

The crazy part comes in here...

This morning I came across a site called the secret language of birthdays and ended up reading the birthday information of all the important people in my life! It was a fascinating couple of hours, I tell you!

*Beware - you'll be sucked in and there's lots to read!*

If you'd like to look up your birthday, click here and let me know whether yours was accurate or not!

There's also a little button called Check Relationship which allows you to input two birthdays to 'understand any relationship better'.

** This site doesn't base it's information on astrology, but rather it 'is a distillation of personality trait commonalities found in a 40-year study of the biographies of more than 20,000 people, organized by birthday'.

What do you think? Did yours ring true? 


  1. Interesting but not really true for my and DH's relationship, and my personality wasn't all that accurate but the health bit was eerily on-the-nose.

    1. I found quite a lot to be accurate, but as with so many of these things - it's quite often what you want or don't want to hear and could be relevant for absolutely anybody, really. I just take the best out of it and learn from the rest. ;) Can't take these things too seriously. Hahahaha!


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