Reading for Tweens and Teens

Just recently I've read so many wonderful blog posts about What your Tweens and Teens Could Be Reading This Summer! (many of the bloggers I follow, live in the Northern Hemisphere) and then a friend wrote a Facebook status about her son's voracious reading habits of late - and it got me thinking again about how I can get my kids to really love reading and read more than they presently do.

I realize that this is an ongoing challenge for our family (and many other families too) and that all we can really do is model good reading behaviour and continue making book suggestions until they find a genre or series they enjoy or perhaps an author who really speaks to them. That's why I've been loving all the book suggestion blog posts that have been popping up everywhere lately. I love getting new book suggestions that my kids might enjoy! There are so many wonderful books out there! I've shared a few below that I'll be recommending to my kids - you might find them appealing to yours too.

In one of these blog posts I recently read, I was reminded of an author I l--o--v--e--d as a teenager. Paul Zindel.  Have you ever read any of his books? Do you remember these?

My darling, my hamburger.

The Pigman.

Pardon me, you're stepping on my eyeball!

These books bring back so many good memories for me! I can almost smell that library where I found them all those years ago. I remember how they made me feel and I remember absolutely loving those cute stories. That's the kind of experience I'd love my children to encounter through books. That magic. ;) I live in hope.

Another recommendation that I came across on the internet was the Divergent series by Veronica Roth - these books look fantastic:

I also discovered Sarah Dessen who has written quite a few very well-liked books:

Just listen.

The truth about forever.

Are there any books that you absolutely loved as a t(w)een?

Have you heard glowing reports on any t(w)een books recently?

I'd love to hear your recommendations in the comments section below.

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