This Boy Can Run

Last Friday I went to watch Luke compete in the annual Inter schools Cross Country race. They run quite a challenging course of about 1.5kms that involves a couple of rather steep hills - and both times he's taken part in this event it has meant running in lots of mud. 

Last year he completed the race wearing only one trainer - the other one got stuck in some mud and was hastily left behind in his quest to reach the finishing line! This year he finished wearing both shoes, but was covered in mud and sopping wet because the skies opened up just as they started their race! 

^ Here they were standing in line to be hosed off! I kid you not. There was a man with a hose. And his job was to hose down all the muddy kids!  Poor kid is looking rather cold and wet at this point. ^

But he did manage a smile a little later.

Man, I really love this boy!


  1. That is so funny that he just left his trainer behind! Bet you weren't too impressed.

    1. Nah, we got it back in the end, so that was okay! ;) Hahaha!


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