Winter Weekend

It's been particularly cold in New Zealand lately - winter is definitely here! And I must say that for the most part I really enjoy this season because it means going into hibernation mode over the weekends - lying in bed reading; watching movies under a blanket; wearing thick, cozy socks; eating warm, nourishing food and drinking endless cups of coffee. :) Sadly it also means that we don't get to go out on the boat as often as we'd like to, and I think Grant feels a double whammy because he knows that being indoors for greater lengths of time means that I get him to do lots of chores around here! :/ + ;)

We did, however, venture out this weekend - on Friday night we went for dinner with some friends - because sometimes you've got to brave the cold and rain and get out there in the name of sociability! We ate at a cute little restaurant in Milford called Athenia in Roma.  I had the risotto special, Grant had the salmon pasta and our friends had the snapper specials - and they were all pretty good. When we first got to New Zealand we couldn't find many Italian restaurants, but we've now found at least three that are pretty good. I'd recommend this place - our waitress was very friendly (as are the owners) and the restaurant was full which means they're doing something right. 

Saturday morning saw Jessica and I down at the hairdresser where she had her hair dyed again. She chose a lovely warm brown colour this time and I think she's really pleased with the result.

Then, following a lazy afternoon of snuggling under a blanket, we took the kids to see The Internship that night;  and had a good few laughs at that Vince Vaughn. He looks like a really nice guy, doesn't he? 

And Sunday saw me lying in our warm bed, reading for most of the morning (I did mention hibernation and the fact that I like to snuggle, didn't I?), before kicking into full cleaning mode - I tackled that crazy grocery cupboard of mine and man, does that thing look good now! Funny how doing a clean-up can make you feel so great! 

So, how are my fellow southern hemisphere peeps enjoying winter so far? What have you been up to lately?

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