5 Ways to Combat Those Winter Blues

The thing is - I'm going through a bit of a funk at the moment.

Winter is here. We're all tired because of all the winter sports activities. I have builders underfoot. My husband has been working incredibly long hours lately. We haven't got anything exciting planned for the school holidays (yet). And I'm just feeling lazy.


Enter my 5 ways to combat those winter blues:

1. Plan a movie night out. Send out invitations to your kids via text, telling them about the upcoming night of excitement. (Don't get upset if your teenager isn't as excited as you.) Book the tickets. Look forward to the night!

2. Click on a Grab One for a weekend away/local trip at a reduced rate.

3. Plan a dinner at home for friends. Invite some friends. Look for a simple, comfort-food meal and make that. 

4. Rearrange your home decor accessories. I'm serious. Shake it up. Just that simple change can lift your spirits. ;)

5. Put on your coat, gloves and hat and go for a walk. Preferably on a beach. There's something to be said for the wind blowing those cobwebs away.

So that's what I've got planned to bring the happy back - what are your solutions for lifting your spirits when you're feeling down?


  1. Not too sure when you're going to be wearing the coat, hat and gloves? I walked on the beach this morning and I had to take my jacket off!:)

    1. Okay, there was that ONE day that I wore a coat, hat and gloves when I took Bailey out for a walk in the late afternoon! :) Today when I went I also got a bit hot with my jacket on!

  2. Like the photos...pretty hair!


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