Living With Kids

So do you want to hear something crazy? Recently I've been finding myself saying this more often:

"Please could you all get out of my bathroom!!!!" (I told you it was crazy.)

{Most of the time I do say please. And most of the time I do use 4 exclamation marks.}

And it's getting so ridiculous that I'm thinking I need to get myself one of those "Keep Out!" signs. A nice one with a big, scary dog on it. Because I seriously need some help in getting these kids out of my bathroom, you guys! They're all up in my stuff and making a mess in there and it's killing me. ;) I mean, they've got their own damn bathroom! A really lovely one with running water and all. It's not like I'm wanting them to suffer. I'm not cruel. ;)

And don't you be rolling your eyes over there in the third row. I see you. Just you wait until this happens to you and your lovely bathroom, then you'll be all like "Oh. My. God. That crazy chick was right! I need to look her up and send her a box of chocolates. Or a one way ticket to Hawaii."

Anyway, this got me thinking about all the annoying things that my kids are prone to do that I'll probably miss when they're not doing them anymore, or when I've sent them off to boarding school, or when they've moved out of home.

Things like:

1. Taking my hair straightener downstairs and not bringing it back.

2. Using my make-up, even when they have their own.

3. Leaving their clothes all over my bathroom floor.

4. Leaving cotton buds and tissues all over the bathroom.

5. Using my perfume, even when they have their own.

6. Using my hairbrush. (I now have to hide mine away. This is no way to live.)

7. Watching TV with the volume blaring.

8. Putting empty containers back into the cupboard and fridge.

9. Leaving sugar all over the kitchen counter tops after making tea.

10. Leaving debris all over my bed after snuggling up in there. 

Right, I think I'd better stop there before I come off sounding like a real old moaning hag! Mmmm, probably too late. Ah well. ;)

Okay, and then I saw this on Instagram and it was as if it was talking to me. So I must try it.

Maybe tomorrow.

After I've got that "Keep Out" sign up on my bathroom door. ;)

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