Sunday In Ponsonby

On Sunday, Sarah, Luke and I ventured Ponsonby side and had lunch at a great little restaurant called The Blue Breeze Inn. We ordered a few meals from the Small Appetite section of the menu - the prawn har gau and the barbequed pork buns were rather yummy. I also quite enjoyed the ginger beer.

^ This kid had water polo training earlier that morning - love her dedication. ^

^ And this kid is right in the middle of telling a very important story here. ^

^ Enjoying the winter sun in the restaurant. ^

We then wandered around the rest of Ponsonby Central and popped into a few cute stores in the surrounding neighbourhood before walking back to the car via the fruit and vegetable market.

^ Not sure you can tell from this photo, but some these mushrooms were enormous! ^

^ This is a view down one of the roads off Ponsonby Road. Love all these trees. ^

Did you also have a lovely weekend?

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