A Special Show And Tell Session

Last week my son had his "Student Led Conference" at school. This annual junior school event entails each child showing his or her parents all of the work that they've been doing at school to date. They take you through their workbooks, show you their projects on the classroom walls; and Luke and I even had a quick game of fractions (he won - no surprise there). Their teacher is in the classroom at the time, but does not get involved unless requested by the child - because the entire session is designed to be run independently by each child, for their own parents.

I love this concept not only because it allows the children to feel real ownership of their hard work and achievements, but because they truly delight in being in control and having their parents there to appreciate their accomplishments. I so love seeing that look of pride that Luke has on that day - it's the cutest thing. ;)

So, after going through all of his homeroom subjects in his classroom, Luke and I went off to the gym where he took me through what they'd been doing during PE lessons this term. I took this little video of him doing some skipping:

He also showed me this:

And after the gym session, we visited his Chinese and REAP classrooms; and then he played four songs on his recorder for me in his Performing Arts classroom. (I so wish I'd recorded some of that awesomeness to include here, but it slipped my mind and perhaps that's just as well. Hah.) Anyway, we finished off the day with a cup of tea in the library centre before leaving and having the rest of the day off. It truly was the cutest day.

Does your child's school do something similar? And are you also constantly amazed at what the kids are learning at school now compared to what you used to learn in junior school? 

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