Angelina, Gwen and Vanilla

I don't think that I've told you the story about our mice here on the blog before, so I thought I'd fill you in and introduce you to our three little rodents today! People, meet the girls. ;)

Aren't they cute? 

Wait, what? You're not that fond of mice, you say? Oh reeaaaaaally? Well, guess what? Neither was I. Because those tails. {Help me.} And the scampering. And the constant threat of being bitten. All that. But now I look at those little faces, those tiny hands, and I can't deny their absolute cuteness. What?

Anyway, so all this craziness began with the moment of weakness I had when my daughter asked, for the hundredth time, whether she could pleeease get a mouse. A mouse. As in one mouse. Next thing you know, we've got two. {What can I say, she's very persuasive. And she does this thing with her eyes.} And then, a week after getting those two, we had nine. Yes, you heard me - nine! All because poor Angelina had been violated by her father, and unbeknownst to us, was already pregnant when we got her. {It would seem that mice aren't picky when it comes to sexual partners. Ahem. Incest. Ahem. Just shocking, this whole world of mice. Who knew? ;)}

So, not only did we become the proud owners of two mice, but we then had our own little nature series programme going on over here, all the while studying Mouse 101 and trying not to think about the fact that if all of those mice ever escaped we'd have to move.

And then {but wait, there's more}, sensing my softening while watching those cute little jelly babies grow fur and start walking around, I got conned into keeping one of the babies, didn't I? Enter Vanilla. {This story is a testament to my complete inability to remain rational when it comes to cute animals. And my craziness. And my daughter's brilliant negotiating skills. Right. Moving on.}

And now, after all these months, even though I have never held any of the mice in my hands {because then I would die}, I have to admit that I've grown very fond of these three sweeties. Every night when I check that they have enough food and water, and they come running up to the bars, clambering to get to me {they're begging for their freedom, aren't they?}, I imagine that if they could talk they'd be shouting "Hello! Hello! You're back! We love you!" ;)

And that's the story about our mice.

Do you have any small furry creatures living with you? Mice? Hamsters? Guinea pigs? Are you happy you got them? Would you do it again?


  1. eek! mice! hmm no I'm probably not fond of them either, rabbits - ok, guinea pigs - fine. Actually sad to say I'm sure my dog would love the mice, so would my daughter, she's animal mad.

    1. It's been quite the experience for me, having these mice! ;)

  2. Awww so so so adorable. I used to have to pet lady mice named Falafel and Norris.

  3. Theyre so cute!!! We have guinea pigs al though its down to one now, but the babies were awesome and they are so cute! Love love animals! Mice id happily have but i think i would struggle with rats!

    1. Thanks, Leonie. :) Apparently rats are awesome pets - but I wouldn't want one!


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