Our Crazy | Lazy Staycation

We've just come to the end of our winter school holiday and looking back at those three precious weeks, I've got to say that we certainly filled them with a whole lot of crazy and a bucketful of lazy, that's for sure!

There were days that involved delicious sleep-ins and kids in warm pyjamas until lunch time (sometimes later); and then there were the days that positively buzzed.

I actually relished those quiet, blanket-snuggling days when they came around because I knew that the next day would be spent driving kids around again, hosting kids' movie parties, transporting kids to and from sleep overs and birthday parties, feeding my kids and their friends, taking kids to water polo holiday camp, and dealing with a few electricians and builders. {We had a few projects and improvements done around our home during the holiday.} 

And in between all that mayhem and laziness, I got to spend some very precious time with my children  - time spent having leisurely conversations in our own surroundings and doing fun activities in our home and neighbourhood that we don't often get the chance to do during term time. And I guess that's what a good staycation holiday is all about, isn't it?

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