Queenstown Part 1

Last week I transferred over a thousand photos off my iPhone to free up some much needed storage space on that thing. And what did I rediscover? Only hundreds of photos from a couple of trips we took at the beginning of this year, when we had great friends visiting us from South Africa, is all! ;)

And seeing that I hadn't got around to blogging about those trips yet, I thought I'd get right onto that!

{I love having friends come over to visit us here on this side of the world. And we have been very fortunate to have had quite a number of visitors since we moved over to New Zealand back in 2010.}


Our first trip was down to Queenstown at the beginning of January. We hired a fantastic house that was a quick {albeit steep} walk from the town centre. 

^ It really was a winner because look at the gorgeous views out over
the lake and mountains from that house! ^

^ Here's another view from our rental, from a different angle.
Seriously breathtaking. ^

^ Okay, last view from the rental - behind the house.
Look, a forest and a peak with snow in our back garden! ^

Queenstown is a very popular tourist destination in New Zealand and it's not difficult to see why - it's absolutely beautiful and there is plenty to do in that gorgeous place.

I can't remember what we did on our first afternoon and evening there because it was so long ago now, but I'm guessing that we just stocked the fridge, went out for a walk and spent the rest of the time just looking at those views. Because, seriously! But by the next morning we were ready to go! We started off by taking a ride up the gondola and having a few luge rides on the slopes overlooking Lake Wakatipu - this is definitely worth doing if you ever find yourself in Queenstown. I mean, just look at these views:

^ Beautiful Queenstown.
It was the beginning of January when we went down there - and it snowed! In summer!
But who can complain when you're looking at a view like this, right? ^

^ Grant, our girls, Shelley and Mike after our luge rides. ^

^ Sisters. ^

^ My friend, Shelley. ^

^ A luge ride with views to die for. Seriously. ^

^ I mean! ^

^ Sorry, I couldn't stop taking photos! ^

^ I love these signs. I took a photo of one of these in Thailand too.
Look, there's Cape Town. And London. And Auckland. Stop me now. ;) ^

^ Up on the mountain, getting some loving from my boy child. Love that kid. ^

Okay, this post is getting crazily long now so I'll end here. Part two to follow.

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