Queenstown Part 2

Okay, so after our stint on the luge that first morning, we ambled across to do some zip lining with a company called Ziptrek, located just next door to the luge track. I wasn't quite brave enough to jump and video at the same time so I've embedded a video from Ziptrek's website, to give you a feel of what it's all about.

Our Ziptrek guides were awesome and not only did we have lots of laughs during our ecotour, but we also learnt quite a bit about the area and the environment, in between whizzing through all of those trees. All in all, a great little adventure. :) Here's the vid:

I've got to say, it takes a whole lot of courage to step off and 'fly free' in those trees (the backward facing 'dropping off' challenge was particularly scary for me), but we all really loved this experience - especially our then-8-year-old. He was completely fearless and happily jumped off backwards, flipped upside down and was up for every challenge set for him - I think he was secretly channelling Spiderman or some other super hero, out there. I, on the other hand, have come to the conclusion that zip lining is probably the closest I'll ever be getting to doing the bungee jumping thing! Ever. Although to be fair, wow, I totally get how that adrenalin rush can be quite addictive!

^ Look at this boy doing some very serious listening here.
He's totally ready to go! ^

^ It was seriously gorgeous being up in those trees. ^ 

^ Tarzan and Jane, eat your hearts out. ;)
Sorry, these captions sometimes bring out the crazy in me. ^

^ Dayum, it was chilly up in those trees because of that beautiful snow!
Downright chi-lly.^

And speaking of chilly, we'd heard so much about the Minus 5ยบ Ice bar in Queenstown that we had to check it out and I've got to say that I'd definitely recommend doing this. It's definitely a novel way of having fun, but don't be overly ambitious and sign up to stay for longer than half an hour because: a) the novelty wears off pretty quickly (it's not a huge place), b) once you've taken your photos and had a giggle, there's not much more to do really (besides get drunk, really) and c) that room is pretty damn icy cold, y'all!

^ This is what 'trying to look comfortable when you're drinking in a freezer' looks like.
These guys are so cute. ;) ^

^ Some of those ice sculptures in there were most impressive. ^

 ^ Smile and drink up! ^

And then, after much thawing out and a night at our rental, we drove out to Wanaka and had lunch at a lovely restaurant next to the very pretty lake they have out there. It was a beautiful, sunny day and we got out on the water for a little spin on their water tractors. (Look, don't sue me, I'm really not sure what those things are officially called but water tractor sounds pretty good to me!)

^ Breathtaking beauty on our drive from Queenstown to Wanaka. ^

^ And yes, that's my finger in the shot! Oops. But this is the only photo I have with the snowy mountains in the background. :/ Good vistas FTW. ^ 

^ A ride on one of these tractors is quite a strenuous workout,
I'll be honest. Certainly not for the weak limbed. Hahaha! ^

Okay, that's it for today. Next up: Arrowtown, a delicious lunch at Amisfield and a swim in Lake Wakatipu.

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