Queenstown Part 3

I'm so enjoying looking back at all my photographs from our January trip away to Queenstown! Apologies to those of you who follow me on Instagram and have already seen some of the shots I'm including in this series of posts - I have also included some new, never seen before photos for you lovely people. ;)


So, where were we? Right - Arrowtown! So, we drove from Queenstown out to Arrowtown one morning, to have a look around that quaint little historic town - and as you'll see from my photos, quaint it was. If you click onto the above link you can have a look at this old mining town's informative website - they've even got a cool 360 panorama over on that site that'll make you feel like you're actually there!

I love that little place! Here are a few of my photos from our visit there:

^ One of the cute activities to do in this old mining town is to go panning for gold. We didn't try our luck that day, but we spotted quite a few keen prospectors around. ^

^ There were so many photo opportunities in this place. ;) ^

^ Once I got started, there was no stopping my creative streak. ;) ^

^ The boys having a little rest in the shade. ^

^ Love these green hills that surround the place. ^

^ I've included this photo because we bought a bag of the most delicious cherries under that sign and ate those beauties while walking around town. Mmmm. I'm missing summer. ^

^ This street reminds me so much of Stellenbosch, the town in South Africa where I went to school. ;) ^

^ I almost expected to see cowboys and horses milling around here! ^

And now I've got to dash as I've got tons of admin to get through before I fetch the kids from school! {How does it always creep up on me like this?) I'll be back with a couple more posts about our trip, later this week.

Have a fun week, everyone!


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