Queenstown Part 4

So guess what I did yesterday? I played tennis for the first time in years! Our local tennis club hosted an 'open day' and a friend hauled me down there to have a go at hitting that little yellow ball again after so many years of not hitting that little yellow ball. And whoa, I quickly realized two things - I'm definitely going to need lots of practice if I ever want to play a half decent game again and I'm going to need a new racquet! It was a really fun experience though and I'm so pleased I went, but wow, I'm feeling stiff this morning. ;)


Okay, so here is my last Queenstown post of this series and it documents a very memorable lunch we had at Amisfield. Mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmmm. That bistro seriously rocks.

We opted for the 'Trust the Chef' menu that day and were truly impressed by all that tasty food. Their wine isn't too bad either! ;) {Our favourites were the Fume Blanc and the Saignee Rose.} Over on their website you'll see that Amisfield have won quite a number of awards, including New Zealand's Best Winery Restaurant in the 2013 Cuisine NZ Good Food Awards, so I'm not exaggerating when I say that their food was deeeelicious. 

^ This tractor was parked on the lawn next to the restaurant.
And Luke loved that thing. ^

^ Ross and Sarah at the restaurant. It was beautifully hot that day. ^

^ These two then went off and took a few dozen photos of the surrounds. ^

^ Looking decidedly relaxed after lunch. ^

^ Shelley doing the sunblock thing.
We certainly had some diverse weather when we were there. :) ^

^ Look, it's probably not a good idea to post a photo of meat
because let's face it - meat is the most unphotogenic member of the food family, isn't it?
But I just had to show you this simple, tasty food. ;) Okay, moving along. ^

^ And then after lunch we went down to the Queenstown beach where
some of us braved that icy water, some of us drank gin and tonics and all of us ate calamari for dinner, while mellowing and enjoying the balmy evening. ^

^ This is the TSS Earnslaw, a vintage steamship that cruises the waters of Lake Wakatipu. Can you picture sitting on the beach with the sun going down, watching this ship cruise by? ^

^ These birds started moving in the minute we got our calamari and chips. ^

^ View from the lake looking up to the gondola. ^

^ The boy swimmers. ^

^ Ooh look, I threw in another photo from our house. Sorry, couldn't help myself. :) ^

^ Sunset at the beach. With birds. ^

^ I love this girl. ^

And that ends this Queenstown series. Next up - the Bay of Islands.

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