Weekend Blurb

We were expecting to spend the weekend hanging around this fireplace...

... because this was forecast...

... so we kicked off the weekend by ordering curry take-aways and downloading a cute movie called Friends with Kids.

{Does it mean I'm getting old if that sounds like the perfect Friday night in winter? ;) PS Whatever.}  

{I must admit that I'm a terrible sucker for rom coms and inflict my movie choices on Grant quite often, poor guy. ;)}

But that rain that was predicted?

Never happened!

It turned out to be a very mild weekend, so we made the most of it by spending a lot of time in the city...

We had dinner at a restaurant called China Yum Char in city central on Saturday night and then wandered around the surrounding area, ending up at Dunkin Donuts before going home. {That's the second time I've tried DD and the second time I've been disappointed. I think the independent bakeries do much better donuts. What do you think?}

 ^ I love all of these new(ish) features in the Britomart area. ^

 ^ There are some great stores and restaurants along this stretch. ^

 ^ I can't help but be mesmerized by twinkly lights. ^

^ That boy loved having his dad and me to himself that night
because the girls were out at sleep-overs. ^

{Excuse the quality of these photos - I've fallen out of love with my camera and only seem to be taking iPhone photos lately. I think I definitely need to remedy this situation soon.}

And then we took the kids into the city again on Sunday - to do some clothes shopping...

^ In a store in the city. I love crazy decor. ;) ^

I really enjoy going into Auckland city centre - Queen Street is always humming with locals, tourists and street buskers; and there is a good mix of independent, chain and souvenir stores. It's also a quick walk to the water front and if you tire of all the shopping, it's a short walk to Albert Park where you can rest up. 

And that was our weekend... Man, do I loooooove weekends!


This weekend I also realized that I hadn't blogged about two trips that we did at the end of last year and the beginning of this year, so you can expect a couple of blog posts about Queenstown and the Bay of Islands over the next few days. ;)


  1. I love that Britomart area! Haven't been there at night though, and my word, it looks amazing from your photos! Thanks for the lovely late lunch yesterday!
    I've just come back from a walk on the beach, and it's beautiful down there!!

    1. Thanks, you're too kind. ;)
      And you're welcome - you should have stayed longer because Grant made a delicious soup for dinner. Yum.


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