20 Awesome Things I Love About New Zealand

I'm so happy that we live in this awesome country! Who would have guessed that we'd find ourselves living on this side of the world at this stage of our lives? Life is definitely an adventure... ;)

Here are 20 things I love about NZ:

1. The total population is small in comparison to most other countries in the world; and while this was initially a bit of a worry for us, it turns out that this is, in fact, a huge positive when it comes to quality of life. It means excessive queueing is rare, it's generally easy to get tickets to sought after music concerts and shows; and the general quiet of the land equates to a calm lifestyle where quality counts for much. We love it.

2. The warm ocean. {I love swimming in the sea.}

3. The laid back, helpful people.

4. The beautiful beaches that surprise you around every corner here on the Shore. And those views.

5. Sky Tower.

6. All the great Auckland markets.

7. Boat life. And all the thousands of yachts and boats out in the waters around New Zealand.

8. Quick flights to all the major cities in NZ.

9. Daylight saving. {It can be slightly confusing at times, but when summer kicks in and the days are longer, it's a total win.}

10. The amazingly brilliant All Blacks. I mean. It's so wonderful to get to support a winning team like those talented All Blacks.

11. The fact that New Zealand does so well at the Olympics - we're a small country, y'all! Check this out!

12. Sailing is sexy, you guys! How awesome is that Emirates Team?!

13. And we've got a crazy-good Netball Team too. 

14. The beautiful Bay of Islands which has over 150 islands.

15. The Hauraki Gulf and all the beautiful islands that surround the Auckland area. How fortunate we are to live within such close proximity to all this beauty.

16. The darling Kiwi bird.

17. The Auckland Bridge.

18. Queenstown. See my posts hereherehere and here.

19. The Auckland MuseumTe Papa Museum in Wellington and MOTAT (the museum of transport and technology). All of these are definitely worth a visit!

20. And I love the fact that it's very difficult to get a bad cup of coffee in this place!

What do you love about your country? Are you patriotic? I'd love to hear your comments.

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