Guess Who's Looking Forward To Summer?

Yesterday's day of rain here in Auckland (Spring is wet and wild, remember?) got me doing some serious dreaming about our upcoming summer...

... and all the outdoor fun we're going to have when sunny days are the norm again. 

So I whipped up a Summer To Do List - 'cos I'm a girl with a plan. And that's what girls with plans do. {Am I keen, or what?} Here goes - my Summer wish list:

1. Roast marshmallows. As many times as possible.

2. Have a picnic dinner on the beach. Maybe even more than once. ;)

3. Play beach bats on the sand.

4. Sleep overnight on the boat.

5. Boat to one of the islands in the Hauraki Gulf that we haven't visited yet. And have a walk around.

6. Climb to the top of Rangitoto Island. And take photos from the summit.

7. Have a pool party.

8. Entertain outdoors, using pretty decorations.

9. Go for long walks in new places.

10. Go for a family bike ride.

11. Walk to the next bay along from us and have an early dinner.

12. Have a night of sparklers on the beach. Practice taking photos of those pretty sparklers.

13. Have a cocktail party on a balmy summer evening.

14. Do the whole coastal walk.

15. Go to a few different beaches on the Shore over the course of the summer.

16. Go away for a weekend. Or two. Or three.

17. Read lots of books.

18. Have a girls' pool party.

19. Make a summer playlist. 

20. Do fun craft projects with the kids outdoors.

What have you got planned for the summer? Are you also counting the days?

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