Water Polo Weekend In Rotorua

I spent this past weekend watching Sarah compete in the U14 Development Tournament in Rotorua. We drove down on Friday afternoon, settled into our hotel and were all set for the team's first game the next morning.

Tournament weekends away are lots of fun (for the parents as well as the kids) - when we weren't watching the games and supporting our teams down at the Rotorua Aquatic Centre, we were having coffee at the Lake or eating out at some very lovely restaurants in town. We chose to have dinner at a wonderful sushi joint called Yamato on Friday night; had lunch at the Pig and Whistle on Saturday; and the breakfasts at the Fat Dog Cafe were so good that we went there on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. {Be warned - their portions are enormous!} Oh, and the Ambrosia Restaurant and Bar has a good bar snack menu. ;)

^ I took this photo down at the Lake.
Unfortunately there wasn't enough time to do any touristy things this weekend. ^

 ^ Here the girls are on their way to lunch on the final day.
And no, they didn't go to Pizza Hut. ;) ^

^ Team talk just before the big game was about to start. Serious face. ^ 

 ^ Team talk during a time out. ^

The tournament was very exciting - the girls won all of their games and got through to the final which was so incredibly close it had me screaming a little loudly at times. Sadly their team lost by one goal in the final {!} which was very disappointing, but I guess we can't be too upset because they played incredibly well and walked away with a silver medal in the end. ;)

^ Down to the wire! Nail biting, I tell ya! ^ 

^ They gave it their all. ^ 

^ Just look at this cool bunch of silver medalists. :) ^

And now it's back to our normal routine back in Auckland. I hope you all had a good weekend too.

Have a good week, everyone. :)


  1. What an eventful weekend! Great result for the girls :)

    1. Thanks, Leonie. :) Yes, they did so well. ;)


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