Weekends, September And Climbing

I feel as if this year is whizzing by so quickly at the moment - one week seems to flow right into the next without so much as a breather, and my mind is struggling to cope with the fact that it's September already! It's as if it was June just last week! Any minute now there are going to be Christmas decorations in the shops, making me feel like I need to get down to some serious organizing for the end of the year!

The good news is that the weather seems to be warming up - and there is a definite feeling of excitement in the air for our upcoming summer. {Or is it just me?} But I guess that I shouldn't get ahead of myself because Spring is notoriously wet and wild in Auckland. I should know that by now. ;) 

We had fun this past weekend, despite missing Grant who's been travelling so much lately. We spent our time watching movies, looking for and buying a school formal dress, eating out and catching up with my sister, Colleen and her husband, Sam. 

And Luke went to an awesome party at Clip 'n Climb this weekend too. What a great spot for energetic boys to get rid of all of their energy! I highly recommend it.

I watched with sheer admiration and also a slight sense of anxiety as Luke scaled those high walls and the other amazing obstacles in that place. Have you ever been to a place like this? Do you climb or simply watch and take photos?

 ^ This was one of the first walls Luke climbed - easy peasy, apparently. ;) ^

^ Then there was this Beanstalk-looking climb. Verdict? Fun! ^ 

^ For a kid who loves Spiderman, this place is like Heaven, I tell ya! ^ 

^ Then he got buckled up and kitted out with a helmet for one of the scarier obstacles in that place. ::Eek!:: My legs were like jelly at that point. ^

^ Yes, that's my kid up on that pole - high above the ground! He then leapt to that white kick bag hanging from the ceiling! Brave or what?! ^

Apparently that one was "way awesome" which means that both his and my heart were racing when he did that one!

^ Whoever does these obstacles has nerves of steel because just look how high that pillar is over there! And this picture doesn't even show the actual height of those things. I feel queasy just looking at this photo. ^

He loved that afternoon of fun and has now decided that he wants to do that for his birthday next year too! Sorted.

What did you get up to this weekend? Crazy-busy? Or mild and mellow? Either way, hope it was good.

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