I Love This Band!

Last night Grant and I went over the bridge, into the city, to see Imagine Dragons perform at a small venue called The Powerstation. And wow, what a great experience that was. Dayum! Can those guys jam!

The whole encounter reminded us of the time we went to see the band, Big Country, perform at a small venue in London {that was a good few years ago when we were living over there} - and it was such a brilliant experience that it has stayed with us ever since. Big name bands in small venues is the bomb. And you can only really catch them there if their careers are winding down or as they're making a name for themselves on their way up, I guess. {I reckon the next time Imagine Dragons come to Auckland they'll be performing at the Vector Arena.}

This Las Vegas band performs to huge stadiums in the States and here they were, first time in New Zealand, doing an amazing concert in such an intimate venue. I feel so lucky to have got to see them at The Powerstation. They seriously rocked!

Do you love to go to music concerts? Which big bands have you seen perform in a small venue? 

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