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After hearing so many people rave about how gorgeous Noosa is, we decided to go and see for ourselves - and boy, it definitely didn't disappoint! That place truly is as beautiful as everyone says. 

As far as relaxed beach holidays go, Noosa ticks all the boxes. It really is a very special place - not too big, not too small; lots of good restaurants; beautiful beaches; National Parks; a great shopping strip; and glorious weather. We couldn't ask for more.

On our first morning there, a friend and I did the coastal walk in the National Park. We set out very early (it helped that we were still on New Zealand time) and I was blown away by how beautiful that place really is.

I loved that walk so much that I took Grant, Sarah and Luke to experience it a few days later.

I'm really missing that hot weather - it's been quite windy and rather chilly here in Auckland since we got back and now I'm counting the days until summer hits our shores!

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