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It just so happens that Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo is located relatively close to Noosa, and for that reason it would have been just plain sinful not to have visited that famous place while we were there. So we did.

Crickey! Remember this guy? It was pretty damn sad walking around that zoo and seeing all the photos of Steve Irwin, knowing that he is no longer alive. What an incredible loss. He was a real character. :(


Okay, so I'm doing a little movie making e-course at the moment {whenever I can find the time to fit it in} and so far I've completed a slideshow movie that features photos from our trip to Australia zoo and what we got up to for the rest of that day. I thought I'd include it here - I hope you enjoy my little montage:

A Great Day Out from Bianca Swanepoel on Vimeo.

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