Spring Cleaning Is A Thing

There are people out there who earn a living by teaching other people how to de-clutter their homes and lives. Apparently that's also a thing. They're cashing in on the fact that we're a generation who accumulates so much 'stuff', and hoards it to the point where it takes over our lives and homes and makes us disorganised, unhappy and unfulfilled. I know I can relate to the hoarding part - I'm not good at throwing things away when I should. But would I pay someone to do that job for me? Sorry, but no.

I am loving the fact that Spring is here and is giving me a natural push towards clearing out and throwing away. Because 'Spring' cleaning is SO a real thing for me. So far I've parred things down substantially in my kitchen and I've tackled one of the kids' bedrooms too.

My free tips for getting your home de-cluttered?

1. Pick a room or area that is full of unnecessary items {or has been annoying you for ages because you know it could work better} - and take three rubbish bags in there with you. One for items to throw away, one for recycling (paper etc.), and one for giving away (to Opportunity shops etc.).

2. Be ruthless. Fill those bags. 

3. Reward yourself with a chocolate/coffee/whatever.

4. I find that my children aren't ruthless enough when it comes to getting rid of their items so I don't involve them. If I've done their bedrooms, I keep those rubbish bags open and they can have a look through them to see whether I've thrown anything away that they can justify as still necessary or precious. Most times those items stay in the bag.

5. Separating the big task into many smaller ones makes the whole operation that much easier to start. I can definitely manage one room or specific area - that's do-able in my allocated time.

These tips seem to work for me. ;)

Have you also been doing some clearing out recently? Any tips you'd like to share?

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