The Week Of Minor Injuries

Last Saturday Sarah was fetching a water polo ball from a cage poolside, and the cage door fell onto her arm! No serious damage, thank goodness, but enough pain (and probably internal bruising) to cause her to miss a couple of training sessions.

Then yesterday Jessica fell at school and sprained her finger quite badly, causing swelling and bruising. The school nurse recommended that she go for x-rays to make sure that she hadn't actually broken a finger, so we spent part of yesterday afternoon at the A&E.  Turns out it is only a sprain - again, thank goodness. 

And now, owing to this spate of injuries {okay, probably not strictly speaking a 'spate', but still} I have an uneasy feeling every time the phone rings - just in case it's the school nurse calling to inform me that Luke has now sustained some sort of gash, cut or laceration. :/ 

Please let this week end without any further injuries!

Have you ever had one of those weeks when injuries are rife?

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