A Grateful Heart | Wednesday

Something that I am truly grateful for is our home. Not only our house, but our home.

It's where the people I love most in the world, live. It's where I can kick off my shoes and snuggle up for a movie. It's where my kids and I have conversations in the kitchen. It's where we eat most of our meals. It's where I fold hundreds of loads of washing and iron endless baskets of clothes. It's where Bailey lies at my feet; and where the kids argue about who messed in the kitchen. It's where friends come over for a barbecue and a glass of wine. It's where we blow out the candles on a birthday cake; and where we play music we love. It's where we wake up on Christmas morning; and where the kids jump on the trampoline. It's where homework is done; and blog posts are written. It's where cars are washed and lawns are mowed. It's where advice is sought and guidance given. It's where we phone and Skype family and friends in South Africa. It's where we straighten our hair; and where we feed the mice. It's where we find a snack; and make a bed. It's where we cry; and where we laugh. It's where we hug; and where we freak out. It's where we hang a picture and find something that's gone missing. It's where we pack the PE kit and load the dishwasher. It's where we say good morning, good night, hello and goodbye.

It's all this and more, that makes this our home. And I'm so incredibly grateful for it all.

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