Halloween 2013 | Trick or Treat

Well, it's official - we've now only got two children who go out trick or treating on Halloween. Our teenager opted out this year - the lure of lollies was simply not strong enough to get her out in the 'hood and she was also studying for exams that day, so I can't really lament the development, I guess. But it did get me thinking that one should celebrate and make the most of every occasion with these kids of ours because these childhood years fly by so very quickly, don't they?

So it was down to Sarah and Luke to keep the Halloween traditions going around here. They both invited some friends around after school and enjoyed the Halloween treats at home before going out into the neighbourhood to collect even more.

^ Look at Bailey getting in on the action - that dog loves a good party! ^

^ The little guys. ^

^ The girls. ^

The kids all had a great time that night despite the short, but hectic, downpour that totally soaked them! Apparently that was fun. Yeah, right. ;)

And now with Halloween done and dusted, the countdown to Christmas and the end of the year mayhem truly begins! My inbox is already full of prize giving notifications and end-of-year party invitations and I'm only just managing to keep the madness at bay at this point. I think it might be time to start making some lists. {When in doubt, make a list. ;) Hah.}

And you? Have you started preparing for the silly season that is fast approaching?  

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