So Very Thankful For This Man | Friday

And bringing this week of gratitude to an end I'd like to say how thankful I am that this awesome man is the father of our children.

Where I am all too often the crazy one, he is the voice of reason, the calm; and where I am frequently too emotional, he always makes informed and wise decisions. Our children are so very fortunate that he is in their lives. 

He is a helper, a doer, a listener and a carer. He is capable and wise; generous and funny; thoughtful and firm. 

I'm also beyond grateful for his mathematical ability when it comes to helping the kids with their homework, for his willingness to relearn forgotten school science so that he can become our daughter's tutor before her exams and for his ability to be discerning when it comes to all things in the parenting arena.

This amazing man is a truly positive constant in our kids' lives and they're so incredibly lucky to get to call him dad.

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