December | 28

I made this Flipagram video the other day, and posted it over on my Instagram - Christmas Day 2013 fun:

Looking at those food shots, mmmmmm, I could really do with some of those yummy salads right about now!

We opted for a seafood themed lunch instead of the traditional fare this Christmas {although we did do roast potatoes and trifle because otherwise there might have been a full-blown riot by the masses}. And it was a light, fresh and delicious alternative to all the meat - possibly more suited to summer... {Grant did, however, cook a ham for us a few days before Christmas so that we wouldn't miss our tradition of ham - and boy was that good! What a treat to open the fridge and cut a few slices when you're feeling peckish. Yum.}

My mom made two very lovely salads for Christmas lunch - a squid one and a salmon one - and I've asked her to send copies of those recipes to me so that I can share them here. #spreadingthelove #youregonnalovethem

So what do you do - Christmas lunch or dinner? And what do you eat?

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