10 Random Things

Fridays are magical mostly because they hold such potential and excitement and opportunity - and today I'm feeling all of that. :) Not sure why, but there it is. ;)

1. My girls are back from camp and yes, my clean and tidy house is not so clean and tidy anymore, but my girls are back from a week away at camp! Yay! I missed them so. {I fetched my older daughter from the ferry terminal yesterday and I was so excited to see her again I said "I missed you dreadfully!" - Her response? "Thank you." I kid you not. "Thank you." I've also missed that awesome sense of humour of hers!} ;)

2. It's another beautiful day here. And I'm loving every last one of these beauties before I can even begin to look at autumn clothes in the stores. Do you hear me, Autumn? Seriously - back off, I'm not ready for you yet!

3. I finished doing all of my laundry just in time for the girls to bring their suitcases of dirty clothes back from camp. And so the cycle continues... {Laundry humour right there. #sorrynotsorry.}

4. My husband got home from work at 5pm yesterday. 5pm. Unheard of. And it felt like Christmas. :)

5. The sound of cicadas in summer. Ssssssssss. I adore those cicadas... except those times they jump out at you when you're taking the washing off the line. Not then. Definitely not then.

6. This week I found my kid's long lost iPod hiding in a pile of papers in our study. See, tidying up does pay {she keeps telling herself quietly}.

7. I loved the time I got to spend with Luke this week while the girls were away. Just him and me. 

8. Omelettes. I'm loving these again.

9. I got to see my great friend, Silvia when she was over here celebrating her sister's birthday recently - and it saddens me that we don't live in the same city anymore. Talking with that girl is soul food, I tell ya. 

10. And Goodness Gracious, I'm so looking forward to going to this girl's concert later this year. {Thanks for booking those tickets, Colleen.}

And that's my bit of randomness for you on this fabulous Friday. Have a good weekend everyone! :)

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  1. PS I'd like to thank my mom for this recipe - Thanks, Mom! ;)


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