Our Week In The Coromandel | One

It seems like an absolute age ago now {see this post for the beginning of this story}, but I really want to tell you about the time we spent down in the Coromandel at the beginning of this year. {Better late than never, right?} ;)

After a long and windy road trip through some beautiful countryside, we arrived at the house we'd rented for that week, unpacked and then sat out on the front 'porch' taking in the absolutely gorgeous views from up on the hill.

^ Some of the boys enjoying a cold one. ^

We enjoyed this holiday with two other families {one family lives in Auckland, and the other - friends of ours from Cape Town - now live in Melbourne}. We were also joined by another friend from Cape Town who now lives in Sydney. {Immigrants FTW! Hah!} It was so wonderful to get to spend that week catching up with everyone again - we really do miss all of our old friends! 

The views from that house up on the hill, down across the valley were truly majestic. Relaxing too. Such a treat. I absolutely loved it!

I mean, it's one thing to holiday in a house right on the beach {awesome}, but these views?! I never got tired of looking out at this view from the house. Not even once.

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