Our Week In The Coromandel | Three

There were a few days over the course of our week in the Coromandel when we managed to drag ourselves away from the sofas, our exciting books and that beautiful house we were staying in, and go on little day trips to a few surrounding towns and beaches...

... don't you just love relaxing holidays...

^ On one of those adventurous days we had lunch in a picturesque little town called Whitianga. ^ 

^ Here's another view of the boats. And two cool guys. ;) ^ 

^ We also went to Hot Water Beach - so named because there is an underground hot water spring that bubbles to the surface right on that beach and you can dig down into the sand and make yourself a little pool to enjoy that warm water. Quite phenomenal, really. And just a little bit crazy. ^

Some of that water can get really hot, too.
You know how you sometimes get goosebumps when the water is boiling hot?! That's what's happening to me right here. ^ 

^ Some of our group just loved lying in that warm water! ^ 

^ This guy, after a swim in the ocean. ^

^ Looking back at that crowd on the beach - the hot warm springs bubble out just at that part of the beach. ^ 

^ Then on another day we took Mark's boat out - the guys did some fishing out at sea before coming back to meet us and take the kids out on the biscuit. ^ 

 ^ And after having a good few spins on that biscuit, we relaxed at this beach where the kids found a rope swing... 
And that thing kept some of them entertained for days. ^

^ It felt like we were on the set of Blue Lagoon or The Beach at that place. 
So idyllic. ^ 

^ We love the holidays! ;) ^ 

^ Chillaxing under the trees in a slice of heaven. ^ 

 ^ And here's my darling husband down on Whangapoua beach one day. ^

And that's the last of my Coromandel 2014 series of posts... I'm slowly but surely catching up on posting about all that's been happening in our lives over the last couple of months - and it's important for me to document all of this because I love going back and reading about our adventures and seeing what we got up to and the various stages of our lives. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Next up: the Australian Tennis Open in Melbourne. {Yes, remember that tennis tournament way back in January?! Well, we were lucky enough to go this year - and man was that great fun! More about that soon.}

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