Our Week in the Coromandel | Two

So, as I mentioned before, we rented a house - it was on a hill overlooking the beach in Whangapoua - and what a cool house it was. {Thanks for finding it, Glynn!} Being a big group {there were 15 of us}, we needed a place that could accommodate all of us comfortably and be close to the beach - and this house suited us perfectly.

It was positioned on a hill with rolling lawns out front and a vegetable and herb garden out back. The kids {and some of the adults} were kept well entertained playing table tennis in the games room, badminton out on the front lawn and by trying their luck {or skill} at hitting golf balls down to the hole at the bottom of the hill {and by the subsequent collecting of all those golf balls at the end of each 'round'}.

And now I've just got to show you some photos of this amazing house because wow, it was gorgeous:

^ I used the Photosynth app to take this photo. ^

 ^ This is the view from inside the living room looking out - and this room was a great place to curl up and read or gather for a chat. ^

 ^ This is the view from the living room across to the entrance hall. I loved the decor in this house despite it not being my usual style. It has great warmth, and the artwork displayed all over the house was fascinating. ^

^ We got through most of this wood during our stay - it was great to light the outside fire at night and sit out there chatting the night away, with a glass or two of wine. ^

 ^ Some of the kids having lunch in the kitchen one day. 
Those kids of ours all had such a great time together that holiday. :) ^

 ^ Reunited: The boys on our first evening there. ;)  ^

 ^ The Christmas Tree in the entrance hall. {I'm glad I wasn't the only one to take their tree down late this year!} ^

 ^ Man, did we have some laughs that week! Here is evidence of the time Mark wore the piano seat fur and a random hat to entertain us. ;) ^

 ^ Boys. Video games. The end. ^

 ^ The stairs. ^

 ^ The kitchen. {Behind that wall is an awesome butler's kitchen and now I wish that I had one of those at my house too!} ^

 ^ View from the entrance hall through to living room areas and kitchen. ^

 ^ Dining room walls. Love that photo. ^

 ^ Double volume gorgeousness. ^

 ^ The girls upstairs on the landing. ^

 ^ My friend, Carol.
Hi Carol! :) ^

^ And a view from the entrance hall to the outside area and beyond. ^

We truly had a superb time away - cycling, taking walks down to the beach, swimming at that beautiful beach, eating, chatting, reading and laughing. And I guess it doesn't really matter where you go to enjoy your own or your friends' company, as long as you make those meaningful connections and find some happiness out there - but damn, if you have beauty around you, it sure is the icing on top of the cake, isn't it?

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