Where I'm At Right Now

I thought I'd do one of these cool lists again (thank you, Pip)... in an effort to keep things rolling over here.

{Breaking this non-blogging habit one day at a time. ;) }

Making: Plans to entertain more this year.
Cooking: Less bad carbohydrates.
Drinking: Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc - my go-to drink this summer.
Reading: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. {And hey, I'm doing the Goodreads 2014 reading challenge - anyone want to join me?}
Wanting: To get fitter. And stronger.
Looking: At starting pilates and running again. Egad.
Playing: QuizUp on my iPhone. It's great for exercising the ol' brain, but be warned - it's very addictive.
Wasting: Nothing that I can think of, at the moment.
Sewing: The thought of sewing makes me anxious. 
Wishing: For many more beautifully hot and sunny weekends.
Enjoying: Watching my kids doing all of their sports.
Waiting: For Luke's Lego to arrive. Come on, Amazon, my kid is driving me nuts!
Liking: These balmy summer evenings, olives, tacos and yellow peaches.
Wondering: When my kids will tidy up all their stuff. Ever? Help me.
Loving: Spending time on the boat out in the Gulf. Especially when the weather is gorgeous and we catch fish. ;)
Hoping: To live a more balanced life this year. And to win the lotto. ;)
Marvelling:  At how quickly time is flying by. February, just slow down already.
Needing: To buy new bedding.
Smelling: Sweet perfume that my girls spray around here so liberally.
Wearing:  Shorts. Yay for summer.
Following: Christie Brinkley on Instagram and being amazed at her positivity and joy. And also her coffee foam art. Wow.
Noticing: How people so often point out the bad and don't look for the good.
Knowing: People's anger frequently stems from hurt.
Thinking: That I really should do some more weeding and pruning... both literally and figuratively.
Feeling: Mostly content.
Bookmarking: Nothing, but I have so many unread articles in my readers that I'm just not getting to.
Opening: The front door {again) to check whether that Lego has arrived yet. ;)
Giggling: At Bill Nighy in the movie, About Time. I eventually got around to watching it last night. Wasn't giggling much at the end, though. :'(
Feeling: Hungry.

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