A Trip To Melbourne To Watch Some Tennis

Wow, so I thought I'd better get down to writing this post about our trip to Melbourne to watch the Australian Open before the French Open and Wimbledon roll around and my post is waaaaay irrelevant. ;)

So anyway, Grant's company organised a trip for a few of their clients to enjoy some of the Australian Open tennis championship this year - and wives were also invited to join in the fun so I got to go along with them. {Insert wild whooping and dancing a jig here.}  

 ^ Not only did we get to go to the tennis, but hey, it was in Melbourne! And I just love Melbourne city centre - there's such a great vibe in that place. And we also got to see some great friends of ours who live there. ^

^ We stayed at the Crown Towers and this here was SUCH a comfortable bed. ^ 

^ And then there was this - I mean, you can watch TV while having a bath?!
Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to indulge in a leisurely soak, but man, how cool is that? ^ 

^ I really need to get away more often because here I am taking a selfie in the dressing room! #damngirl #justsad ^ 

^ So after settling into our hotel, Mark, Glynn, Grant and I cabbed down to the Rod Laver Arena to watch our first game of tennis. Not sure what's happening in this photo - but it sure looks like these three are doing some sort of dance routine or something! #whatwhat ;) ^

 ^ Look, there's Serena! ^

Okay, so here's where I could include a hundred or so photos very similar to the one above {because man, did I take a whole bunch of those things}, but I'm going to be kind and only include this one because yawn. ;) You're welcome.

So, yeah, we got to watch some amazing players like Serena Williams, Victoria Azarenka, Maria Sharapova, Ana Ivanovic, Dominika Cibulkova, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and my absolute hero of the tournament, Stanislas Wawrinka, play in real life. And guys! I've got to tell you - those players seriously rock! I mean, I can't even! I was beyond excited that Wawrinka went on to win that thing because that guy never gives up, and his backhand?! Damn.

I absolutely loved every minute of our time there: the silence of the crowd when the game was being played, the excitement when a good point was won, the little radios we used to hear the commentary, the frozen cocktails, the crazy -superstitious behaviour that so many players displayed {I'm looking at you, Nadal ;)}, the players' loud grunting noises, the fun interviews, watching the ball boys and girls,and feeling amazed at how beautifully these people can play tennis. Gosh, I really hope I get the chance to go back and do that again next year.

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