Autumn Evening Bliss

Our weekend was filled to the brim with sport, a birthday party, meeting up with friends and lifting the kids all over Auckland. But in between all of that typical weekend craziness, we did manage to squeeze in a few tranquil hours on our boat at the end of a very busy Saturday. And I'm so pleased that we did because it was a truly sublime evening and so good for the soul to be out there on the water enjoying it {Autumn, you're spoiling us}.

We dropped anchor in a little bay not too far out in the Gulf and fired up the bbq while sipping a glass of bubbly and watching Luke have a very quick swim off the boat:

Fun fact: He probably spent more time having a warm shower afterwards! ;)

This girl, on the other hand, was enjoying her time out of the water as she was on day 3 of a 4 day water polo tournament at this point...

... so she spent most of her time resting, and reading her book... 

 ^ {Photo credit to Sarah.} ^

My sister, Colleen, and her husband, Sam joined us and it was so lovely to catch up with them again.

So Autumn, even though you can make it slightly difficult to decide what to wear everyday, you are rather cute and I, for one, would really love it if you could stick around for as long as possible this year. Thanks. 

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